It's quite impressive and very important stuff What a brilliant idea! I wish I had thought of it myself. You're obviously a unique and very talented individual!

If your organization is looking for a program/workshop that helps reduce the perception of racism, not just record, report and rehash it, now really is the time to schedule an Other Awareness Project presentation!


"Aut inveniam viam aut faciam" ("I shall either find a way or make one.")


More involved than your personal association with whatever arbitrary and undefined racial name you call yourself, the Other Awareness Project (OAP) is a 95% guilt & anger free, thought-provoking and humorous documentary that looks into what I think is the continued incorrect categorization of people into racial groups by skin color and other arbitrary things.

Despite everything we know scientifically, legally, religiously, practically any way you want to look at it, governments, institutions, and businesses STILL ask questions concerning your racial choice? In this era of keeping it real", Internet access, and DNA research, why does an intelligent person, using CURRENT information, STILL classify themselves into racial groups? Is it helping to solve any problems going forward? The project is about self-identification!

Toronto District School Board: FUTURES - Equity in Education Conference, Toronto, Canada); 22nd & 24th Annual National Conference On Race & Ethnicity in American Higher Education; Clarion University; Santa Monica High School; California State University - Long Beach.

We appreciate the time and energy you put forth to share your work with our Male Academy young men at Cabrillo, Lakewood, Millikan, and Jordan Freshman Academy.  There is always VALUE ADDED to our young men when real life relevancy and relationships are built when Guest Speakers of your caliber share their work.  Let's continue to dialogue in the near future. Quentin Brown, Male Academy Administrator, Long Beach Unified School District.

Project History

Since 2003, Michael has traveled around the United States photographing and filming conversations with strangers who call themselves any of the completely arbitrary and legally undefined “racial” categories. One purpose of the project was to see why they chose the category they chose, how they supported that decision, and how it has or hasn't affected their lives. Everyone answered the same questions, from “Who is Al Sharpton?" to “Where is Caucasia?” to "What is the legal description of a _____ person in  the United States?" No one knew the questions prior to filming. We didn't have pre-production meetings. The conversations are exactly as they happened with as little editing as possible. 


Highlights include speaking with then Attorney General of the State of Ohio - Marc Dann, current Mayor of Carson, CA - Jim Dear, current Professor of Biology at NC A&T University - Dr Joseph Graves Jr., and Rabbi Brian Zachary Meyer - Los Angeles. All in all, more than 15 one-hour interviews with people from all stations in life.

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1/2 Day and Full Day presentations are available

Panel Discussions

Panel discussions are great way to drill down to specific parts of the Other Awareness Project


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The first couple of years the OAP was a photo project

17 Years & Counting...

Notable Presentations

/ Clarion University

Presented by the Martin Luther King Committee
Hope Chapel

Clarion, PA

/ Toronto School District Board

Futures – Equity in Education Conference

Toronto Canada Ontario


NCORE Attendee

The message was very good. I am concerned that it may be lost to the response of questions from those in academics that ‘race’ is their identity.

Khalilah H.

Really enjoyed the site, since I am no longer prohibited by the work email. I love the idea of other. I actually just checked African-American or Black (non-hispanic) because that's what you are told to do. I oftentimes felt that it was wrong or not completely right and that OTHER explains it better since we are a combination of different races even though they are not visibly apparent

Anne I.

I truly enjoyed our conversation at the Carlsbad Village Comedy Theater. I am in harmony with your concept and enjoy your web site. You are embracing a terrific subject and seem to be "right on the money'" in how to promote it. Please, bring it to Canada, and Edmonton, specifically. You will receive a warm and enthusiastic reception. God bless you in all your endeavors.

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